Simon Donini


Simon Donini is a Stockholm based photographer who focuses on interior and real estate photography. Simon was born in northern Italy and studied Communication Science at the University of Siena in Tuscany. After leaving the University of Siena he moved to Milan to join the Graphic Design CFP Bauer School, where he specialized in brand identity, and at the same time he continued with is passion studying photography. A few years later, Simon was given the prestigious assignment by a studio in Milan as their photographer at the Fashion Week, which is an international fashion industry event held in the world’s four fashion capitals: New York, London, Paris, and Milan. In search of a new culture, fresh challenges, and new adventures, Simon moved to Stockholm a few years ago where he is now fulfilling his passion as a freelance photographer. Simon currently works full time as interiors/real estate photographer for one of the biggest real estate company in Stockholm, but he also keep working on other projects. Pricing and Options Like other jobs or projects, photography is a custom service that follows the customers’ needs. And flexibility concerning budget, time, location and size is always the keyword in every project. But no matter what, Simon assures the highest quality photographic service.