Living room

The living room is in an open floor plan to the kitchen and continues in the same style with spotlights in the ceiling. Here, too, there is an exterior door that is equipped with the same electronic lock as in the hall to increase security in the home. Electricity, internet and antenna are hidden behind the TV and integrated plaster led lamps in oval shape light up the floor by the TV wall. This area has plenty of space for optional furniture with TV and TV bench, a large nice sofa group and a mammoth coffee table. Adjacent to both the kitchen and the living room is a given space for a three meter long (or for 12 seats) dining table. This place can of course be changed with the sofa. Spacious space for a larger dining table and also a given space for larger plants in one of the corners. Site-built storage cabinets along one of the walls where there is room for both porcelain and various other things. Here, too, are the white Wave curtains by the window. Luxurious design wall lamps and sliding door to the terrace for an airy feeling.